Cool new kitchen gadgets

Stop in and see some of the cool new kitchen gadgets from Joseph Joseph which includes a 2015 RedDot Award winner (International Consumer Product Design award) the Twist Grater which has a flexible rubber handle that converts to a non-skid stand for better control and has a removable container to catch what you’re grating. The Flavouriser is a neat multi-tool that tenderizes meats with a textured or smooth side, has a pestle like top for crushing or grinding herbs/spices into pastes or pestos and a citrus reamer at the handle base too! Lastly the Smasher makes quick work of mashing potatoes and helps to puree other vegetables/fruits for sauces with an efficient pump action that takes little effort. Check these out along with our wide selection of other innovative Joseph Joseph tools for the kitchen!!

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Summer Smells

11351221_369248736598311_2245281756596225320_nIt’s that time of year when we seal up our homes with the A/C on and lose that fresh fragrance outdoor air can provide. Stop in and check out our collection of Illume Enameled Tumbler Candles which are manufactured with pure soy/vegetable wax and cotton wicks that burn cleanly (minus the soot), feature a 70 hour burn time and utilize only the best quality fragrance oils without headache-inducing synthetic additives. Regularly priced at a reasonable $18, now choose any two for $25! Available in refreshing seasonal fragrances such as Pineapple Cilantro, Thai Lily, Grapefruit Oleander (pictured), or Watermint.